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Historic San Antonio has another famous name it is known by - Military City USA! The roots of this city, deep in the heart of Texas, go back thousands of years, beginning with the Payaya Native American tribe, whose name for the area meant "Refreshing Waters". The area was first named San Antonio by the Spanish in 1691 and its important position led to the creation of the first mission in 1718 and a small fort - the Alamo. During the War of Texas Independence, San Antonio was captured at the Battle of Bexar in 1835, with a small force of Americans left to man the Alamo who would fight a famous last stand. San Antonio was again important in the Mexican-American War, and the first US Army base was built there in 1845. Many other army and air force bases were added over time to help give San Antonio its mantle of Military City USA!

Despite the importance of military matters in its history, Military City USA hosts a huge amount of things to do and sights to see! Landmarks such as the Alamo fort, San Fernando Cathedral, the Spanish Governor's Palace, amusement parks such as SeaWorld and Six Flags, museums such as McNay Art Museum and the Texas Rangers Museum, are all world-class attractions found in San Antonio! There is great shopping and dining to be had as well. The military areas, too, have a lot to see, such as the Quadrangle, the US Army Medical Museum, and numerous historic buildings throughout the community.

Real estate options in Military City USA are as varied as its history. Lots of land, condos, townhomes, single-family homes, and grand estates can be had in the city or in the surrounding suburbs. If you can imagine a home, it probably exists in Military City USA!

If you are interested in the amazing history of Military City USA and want to hang your hat there, contact us so we can help you learn more - and maybe start making your own history!

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