Relocating to a New City: Beliefs vs. Reality

There are bigger and more traumatic events in the life of an individual than moving to a new place. But relocating to San Antonio from another city can be a very stressful and emotionally draining experience for you. It is like cutting the roots of a tree and then planting it in another place. The big relief with moving is that it also brings a lot of joy and a sense of excitement with it. There can be different reasons behind moving to San Antonio but there are certain myths associated with moving that are far away from reality. Let us take a look at these false beliefs.

Belief #1

Moving should not be an emotional problem for me as I am a grown up individual.


It is an inaccurate notion as moving is as difficult for an adult as it is for a kid. It can be a very draining experience to find new friends and to establish you in a new place. Good thing to know is that this phase is temporary and you adjust with the new environment with passage of time.

Belief #2

Only the sentimental people believe in saying goodbyes


It is no use telling you that goodbyes are for those who are weak and not strong. It is better to meet friends, neighbors, and colleagues and hug them before moving to San Antonio. This is your way of telling people that you will miss them in your new home. You will feel good and keep happy memories for yourself by doing this.

Belief #3

I may have made a mistake in moving if I do not feel right after a few months


You have to understand that it takes around 12 months to adjust fully to your new environment. If you are not feeling right after a few months, please understand that it is only natural and might take another few months before you start to feel normal.

Belief #4

People in San Antonio will welcome me with open arms


Everyone wishes to be welcomed in a new place. Different people have different personalities and this is true for San Antonio as well. How they respond to a new individual or a family is dependent upon their personality. They can be friendly and welcoming but they could also be shy and cold in dealing with you and your family. You could also find people who are polite but disinterested. You have to deal with the people you get in your own way.

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