Read our best tips for a San Antonio military move during the holidays.Moving is never a simple process, but a San Antonio military move during the holidays is perhaps more daunting than most moves. However, with a little advance planning, you can still make great memories this holiday season. The first thing to remember is what a military-friendly city San Antonio is. It hasn’t been nicknamed Military City USA for nothing!

Next, if at all possible, schedule your move on a weekday and avoid the holiday weekends if you can. Traffic is worse, moving companies have scheduling difficulties, and there’s a greater chance of something going wrong.

Have Gifts and Decorations Ready to Unpack First at New San Antonio Real Estate

Third, for those of you who move close to Christmas or other gift-giving holidays, consider how you want to do presents. Will you be on the road? Or will you be settling into your San Antonio real estate? One option is to order presents early, and pack them separately so you can get to them easily. If you know where you are going to be to celebrate the day, have gifts shipped there. Also consider how you want to decorate. Maybe you’ll skip it altogether. But it will probably be nice to have a few favorite decorations, packed and labeled clearly so you can get them out right away.

On to some practicalities that are involved with your San Antonio military move. Families with kids will want to make sure that everything is lined up with their new school. Get immunization records ready, as well as report cards, transcripts, and testing or special education plans. Be sure to call the new school as soon as you know you’re moving to get a checklist of documents needed to enroll your children.

Finally, round up all your moving documents, insurance papers, identification, and other important documents and put them all into a binder. Keep paper and pens in it, too, so you can take notes and write down phone numbers or other contact information.

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