Plan a San Antonio move to Helotes.If you’re considering a San Antonio move, you have a lot of choices about where to live. From downtown condos to more rural suburbs, San Antonio has it all. One of the places that is getting a lot of attention is Helotes. Originally a farming community, the population of Helotes has doubled in the last five years. Business Week has called it the best small town in Texas to raise kids. Here are the top five reasons to live in Helotes.

1. Affordable housing prices. While San Antonio is known for the affordability of its housing market, there’s still a lot of variability. The median house price in Helotes is well below that of San Antonio. This means that most people are going to get way more house for their money in Helotes than in the city itself.

2. An easy commute. It’s around 30 minutes from Helotes to San Antonio, and there are several routes, so traffic isn’t usually too bad. Helotes is a great place to live, whether you are working in downtown San Antonio or one of the military installations. Both Lackland Air Force Base and the medical center are within 20 miles of Helotes.

People Who Live in Helotes Enjoy Proximity to San Antonio, Great Housing, and Good Schools

3. Great schools. Many of the public schools earn a perfect 10 rating on O’Connor High School was named as one of the best high schools in Texas by US News and World Report. Its graduation rate is 96%, and it has a 39% participation rate in Advanced Placement courses. An advantage of Helotes schools over those in San Antonio is the smaller student body population. Kids get more one on one attention from teachers, which allows them more opportunities for success.

4. Excellent local amenities and things to do. Old Town Helotes has been totally renovated and is the location of many community events. The first Saturday of each month is the Helotes Marketplace, where local vendors and artisans sell their products, and everyone gathers for great food and music. Residents also get together to celebrate holidays and festivals throughout the year.

5. Business opportunities. Though Helotes is mostly known as a commuter community, it also has its own developing business community. There are tax incentives for local businesses. Local groups including the Helotes Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce support community business people with mentoring programs and events.

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