Staging will help those moving to San Antonio fall in love with your house.Taking the time to effectively stage your home before putting it on the market can really make it stand out to those moving to San Antonio and looking for a place to live. One option is to totally move out and have a professional come in to stage, but this can get expensive and most people do not have the luxury of moving out of the home before it sells. With a little planning and an off site storage location, homeowners can do many things on their own to make their home look its best. The goal is to showcase the best features of your San Antonio home and allow those who walk through to be able to envision their family living in the space.

Declutter, Deep Clean, and Brighten Your San Antonio Home

A good place to start is to depersonalize and neutralize your home. This means to take down personal photographs and other mementos that would make it hard for others to imagine themselves living in the home. It also means to neutralize colors. Sprucing up the paint can make a home look cleaner and by choosing neutral colors it would allow all ages and genders to find the space inviting. Think of not only the paint colors, but bedding, accent pillows, curtains, and other accessories. It is ok to spend some money on staging. A good staging job will bring in more money for the home, so anything spent should pay for itself.

Next, declutter and deep clean your home. Get as many of your belongings out of the house as possible to make it look like there is plenty of space. Think not only of the main rooms, but closets as well. Potential buyers do not want to look in closets and see them crammed and overflowing with stuff. They want to see storage spaces with plenty of room for everything. Also wipe down and scrub everything. Do a deep clean of the kitchen and bathroom as well as light fixtures, ceiling fans, baseboards, and anything else. When it is time for an open house or individual showings, make sure all curtains and blinds are open to let in as much light as possible. Light streaming in through windows make spaces seem more inviting and look larger. With a little planning and hard work with staging, your home will shine, appeal to those moving to San Antonio, and fetch a good price.

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