The Perfect Time to Buy a Home- Low Rates!

A lot of people are asking themselves is now the right time for me to buy a home? Experts like to say that no time is better to buy a home then the present. Of course right now is an even more opportune time to buy a home then every before for several reasons.

First we are seeing extremely low interest rates. Actually we currently have record low mortgage rates…lower then we have seen in over 60 years. That means buyers are able to get more house for their money and save on the interest they pay over the life of the loan. Although rates are not likely to zoom up it is also unlikely that they will go any lower so now is the right time to buy a home.

Another reason to buy a home now is that home prices are at record lows. Like mortgage rates, house prices are not likely to rocket up , however in most areas they have hit rock bottom and some areas have seen prices even out and other areas have even seen slight increases. This shows that the likely hood of prices going any lower at very slim.

The last reason is that the economy is recovering, even if it's an ever-so-slightly recovery. The more the economy recovers the greater the chance of higher mortgage rates and higher home prices so buy a home now while the timing is right!

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