Relocating to San Antonio Texas is a great idea for veterans.Veterans looking for a great city to enjoy retirement should really check out San Antonio. Relocating to San Antonio Texas is an excellent choice for veterans for many reasons. Housing in the San Antonio area is much less expensive compared to other cities of similar size. There’s also a great variety of housing available. Always dreamed of having a bit of land for a garden or throwing big backyard barbecues? Check out some of the neighborhoods further out from the downtown area. Cities like Helotes and Schertz are an easy drive into San Antonio, yet you get a larger house and more land for the same price. The benefits of a VA loan go much further here than they do in other parts of the country.

Thinking about Relocating to San Antonio? You’ll Love Military City USA!

Another reason for relocating to San Antonio is close proximity to the medical center. San Antonio Military Medical Center is the largest military hospital in the country. Just about any specialty you might need has a department. Its nuclear medicine department is known throughout the country for its cutting-edge innovation and top-notch patient care. Excellence in care and innovation can be found in just about every area. Located just off Interstate 35, it’s also easy to get to. Several great neighborhoods close to the medical center offer many fine choices for housing.

The other thing veterans should know about relocating to San Antonio Texas is the city’s reputation for being extremely friendly to veterans and active duty military. The nickname Military City USA is well-earned. Because of the large number of military installations, the city has a large population of service members and veterans. In fact, the city is so proud of its military history and current population, each November there’s the Celebrate America’s Military event. It starts at the beginning of the month and goes through Veterans Day.

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