Buy a house if you have a San Antonio military move in your future.As the seventh largest metropolitan area in the country, people making the San Antonio military move have many amazing opportunities for their families in their near future. With affordable suburbs, beautiful gated communities, and some of the highest rated schools in the country, the Joint Base area provides military families with the quality of life they deserve. Investing in a San Antonio home at this point in time is a wise decision, as there are plenty of responsible military members to rent to while you are stationed elsewhere. The city is such a welcoming place for military retirees to return to at the end of their years of service. Plus, they say everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s definitely true when it comes to getting the most house for your money. While $250,000 won’t go very far in places like San Diego or near the Pentagon, in the Joint Base area it will buy you a beautiful executive style home with four bedrooms, custom upgrades, gas cooking, and even a pool!

Find an Affordable San Antonio Home with Plenty of Space, Near Good Schools and Jobs

This kind of investment is a no-brainer, so it’s easy to see why families making the San Antonio military move are often buying their homes in the area known as “Military City” as a long-term asset for their future. The skyrocketing tech industry in the area is drawing more and more people and businesses, ensuring that housing values continue to climb, and this underscores the wisdom of buying now rather than later. There are many more military families in the area as the Air Force has increased its cyber defense squadrons here to defend the country from cyber attacks against our government networks, high tech industries, and infrastructure, and they are taking advantage of everything the city offers its residents. Places like the downtown Riverwalk and Alamo Ranch provide their own unique opportunities, and with the continued drop in crime city-wide there are more and more reasons for buying a home in San Antonio. It makes sound economic sense to invest in a home now, since all the positive growth in the area means that the affordability of housing is likely to be impacted as values continue to climb and the Joint Base area continues to prosper.