Why you want buyer representation when buying a new home.

What is Buyer Representation?

Buyer representation is when a real estate agent agrees to represent you, the buyer, in a real estate transaction. In Texas an agent is a subagent of the seller unless the buyer has signed a Buyer's Representation Agreement. Without buyer representation just the seller or the builder when buying a new home is the one represented in a real estate transaction. This means on the builder's interests are looked out for and the desired outcome is the highest price for the property. Something very important to remember when buying a new home is that the sales representative in the sales office is representing the builder not the buyer. A buyer's agent will watch out for the buyer's best interests and take care of negotiations on their behalf to get them the best value on their home purchase.

Advantages of Buyer Representation When Buying a New Home

There are many advantages of buyer representation but probably the most important one is that you will be represented. This means that someone is looking out for your best interest as the buyer not for the builder.

At San Antonio Texas New Homes For Sale we are dedicated to making the home buying process fun and easy when acting as your buyer's agent.

A Buyer's agent will show you other homes in every new development, not just the ones available in a specific new development.

A Buyer's agent is able to provide counsel and give you advice.

Since they are not representing the builder a buyer's agent is able to evaluate each home and development with no obligation to the builder.

With buyer representation your agent will discuss confidential information about the property and keep your position confidential.

They are able to share information that may enhance your negotiating power and will prepare an offer that is advantageous for you the buyer.

A buyer's agent will give the buyer reasons not to buy a property and suggest other homes that will meet your needs, even if that means new homes in other developments.

As a buyer it is important to have buyer representation because your agent will prepare and interpret a market analysis of properties with you.

Who Pays For Buyer Representation?

Another advantage to buyer representation is that as the buyer you don't have to pay for it! Buyer representation is typically paid for by the builder at closing in the form of commission. For a fun and easy new home buying experience get buyer representation from San Antonio Texas New Homes For Sale for FREE!

One question that comes up is can I get the house for less if I don't have buyer representation because they won't have to pay my agent. No! A buyer agent's commission is already taken into consideration when new homes are priced and no discounts are given for a buyer that does not have representation.

A Few Key Takeaways to Buyer Representation:

  1. The Sales Representative in a sales office at new construction works for the builder and represents them.
  2. A Buyer's Agent will give you buyer representation and have your best interest in mind.
  3. There are many advantages to having buyer representation.
  4. As a buyer you do not have to pay your buyer's agent when buying a new home.

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Why You Want Buyer Representation When Buying a New Home