Plan a San Antonio move over the holidays for less competition.Believe it or not, the holiday season can be a great time to make a San Antonio move and get your house on the market. Many sellers wait because they think that things are pretty dead and slow going during this time of the year, but that could play to your advantage. The truth is that there are always motivated buyers out there every month of the year. There are probably even many out there looking extra hard because they are hoping that their fellow competitors in the market to buy will be out of town. Also, with less competition from having fewer houses on the market, this could work out very well for you. In the past, buyers and agents really have not wanted to take the time over the holidays to drive around and flip through giant MLS books. Now, house listings are available at the touch of a button. Potential buyers are curled up by the fire drinking hot cocoa looking at beautifully staged pictures of your home.

Buy or Sell San Antonio Real Estate This Winter and Enjoy Less Competition

Play to the emotions of your buyers by taking a little extra time to stage your home in a festive way. Help them picture celebrating the holidays in your home with their families. Many people buy because of an emotional connection to a home and this could be the perfect opportunity to play on that. Keep your home ready for a showing at all times and work with someone who will do their research and price the home well. If someone makes the trek out to see your home over the holidays, they are serious about a San Antonio move. The fact that it is a slower time of year should also make the closing go more smoothly. With fewer transactions pending for loan officers, home inspectors, and attorneys, they should be able to work quickly.

Selling your San Antonio real estate is a big deal and the whole process will definitely take some thought. Choose the time of year that works best for you. If it makes the most sense to move over the winter, don’t let that dissuade you from getting your house on the market over the holidays. There is really no reason to wait, and it might work out more in your favor anyway.