Winter is a great time to plan a San Antonio move.The conventional wisdom in real estate is that buying or selling during the winter is not a good idea. Spring is often considered the best season for real estate. However, for many the San Antonio real estate in winter is actually ideal. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, there is less competition in the winter. This can work in the favor of either buyers or sellers. Buyers are less likely to experience the frustration of bidding wars and losing out on a house over and over again. The high competition of the spring market can cause a lot of stress, as buyers scramble to decide on a house and submit an offer before someone else does.

On the other hand, sellers don’t have to compete with as many comparable houses on the market. It’s more likely that buyers will look at all the houses for sale in their price range and desired area when there aren’t so many. Companies often hire people to start on January 1st. While there may be fewer buyers, they may be more motivated to make a deal in the winter than the spring.

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Winter can also be a good time to get a feel for a neighborhood. A large number of people who decorate for the holidays, for example, can point to a friendly area and neighbors.

Buyers and sellers may both find that winter is a convenient time to sell because everyone involved in the process can move more quickly to finish the deal. Real estate agents have fewer clients. Property inspectors have fewer reports. Mortgage lenders are working on fewer contracts. Closing can happen more quickly, with less stress for everyone involved. Many real estate agents actually find that they enjoy winter sales very much and are happy to get creative when it comes to matching buyers and houses for sale.

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